Video teaser of a romantic barn and winery wedding at the amazing Holland Marsh Wineries venue in Newmarket, Ontario.

Video teaser of a fun and elegant wedding at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.

Bridal portrait videography at Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens in Toronto, Ontario.

Intimate wedding video with Elaine and Mike at the stunning Vineland Estates Winery in Niagara region, Ontario. The venue:

Pre-wedding video edit of a romantic couple at the beach.

My philosophy about wedding videography

I will not just take a wedding video, I will heart craft a wedding love film for you ! Celebrating and capturing love is one of the BEST things ever and I am so grateful that I get to be a wedding photographer and filmmaker for a living. Wedding videography is about remembering moments and remembering feelings. The small moments that are often overlooked, but together make up the very emotional essence of a wedding, and of our memories. These moments are incredibly special. We strive to give them life and the importance they deserve. Moments you may not even notice at first, but look back on later in your film and cherish. This is our specialty, and our passion. Each of our wedding film includes a cinematic highlight film (4-8min). We do also offer extra edits as an option. The most loved edit by grand-parents and families which are not able to attend the weddings is the Documentary wedding film. This wedding video lasts between 45 and 60 hours including lots of static footage and all the speeches. We do also offer Instagram wedding video trailers. We offer wedding photography and videography packages in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, GTA and Destinations (France, Italy, Mexico, Caribbeans...).

Pre-wedding video edit of romantic love at the lake.

Why wedding videography is so important?

Wedding videography is very different from wedding photography. A film will capture movement and sounds. It really highlights the vast array of emotions and experiences from the wedding celebrations. It can capture very tiny and special details like the tears during the first look, the best men dressing up as a bride, the kids bringing the rings, people dancing and having fun, a shy smile, a deep loving kiss... 

Having a wedding video is also the most beautiful gift you can do to grand-parents or family members that were not able to attend your special day. It will be also a beautiful thing to show to your future generations.

One of the biggest regrets from couples after a wedding is not booking a wedding videographer. Trust me, during your wedding anniversary, 1 or 10 years later your will love watching your wedding video.​

And if you are a party animal and you know your night will be crazy, with a DJ making everyone dance and having fun, then having a wedding videographer is a must.

Engagement and pre-wedding videography

One of our most popular option is the engagement videography. It's the perfect way to get very comfortable in front of the camera and to have some fun doing your favorite activity together or just roaming around (walk on the beach, have drinks or coffee at your favorite local coffee shop/bar, dress up and go around downtown, do some jetski or taking your dogs for a nice walk...). Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara offers wonderful locations and sceneries such as Hamilton Beach, Toronto Humber Bay Park, Niagara wineries, Burlington Botanical Gardens.... If you are more adventurous you can book a seaplane at the 1000 islands, or book a helicopter tour around Toronto or Niagara. Of course for destination couples I do offer tours and engagement photo or video shoots in Paris, France. I'll show you the most romantic spots and will make your experience unforgettable.